Friday, September 17, 2010

Still loving Tom Sawyer 30 years later...

I am rereading Tom Sawyer with my daughter this month. I had forgotten how much I loved this book.

As a girl, I always wanted to be on an adventure and I remember reading about Tom Sawyer getting on his raft at midnight with Joe Harper and Huck Finn and the whole event felt magical.

Even rereading it as an adult am I taken away to this old world. There is a romantic sense I carry that has a lot to with a log raft and more stars than we'd ever see now.

After tonight's chapter, I googled Jackson's Island (the island Tom, Joe, & Huck land on) and learned it is still uninhabited and well, that made me happy as if it was not too late for someone's adventure to begin...

If you've ever been to Hannibal, Missouri, tell me what you thought and what you saw. I found this article about the area, but I'd love to hear more from anyone who has visited.

Twain's hometown marks centenary of his death -

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