Monday, September 13, 2010

Poetry News

Here are a few things you might be interested in--

Susan Rich had a poem on Verse Daily.  (Congrats Susan!)

Joannie Stangeland is publishing a collection of poems.  (Congrats Joannie!)

32 Poems in on NPR! 

Sandra Beasley has a lot of cool things going on at her blog and in her life. She's going to be working with VIDA (formally WILLA - Women in the Literary Arts) on their blog, Her Kind (coming in October).  There's a lot of great info on VIDA on Sandra's blog, so check it out.

and last,

Garrison Keillor to judge the May Swenson Poetry Prize


And now you know what's going on (mostly). . .



  1. Thanks for the poetry roundup and the good wishes. I feel like you should have a sign-off for this post like Walter Cronkite -- and that's the way it was ~

  2. Great roundup.

    Susan's poem on VerseDaily is wonderful.

  3. Susan,
    I want a Cronkite sign-off! I think we all should have one!

    Maureen-- yes, I agree it was wonderful!


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