Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of August Check-In

Summer is ending early for us as school begins *before* Labor Day this year.  And while a part of me feels I should feel bad about this, I don't.

I've been looking forward to fall and less to do--from yardwork to socializing, from summer activity to the next summer activity.

My calendar is quite empty for September.

There is a note on my desk that says:  Keep September open - Be the crystallized ginger.

(The crystallized ginger part is reference to a saying another writer friend and I made up to remind ourselves to be sweet but strong in our beliefs and with our time.)

So I'm careful what I will add to it.

This next week I'll be getting my shed ready to write.  I'll be organizing and cleaning the house.  I'll be cleaning out and giving away.  I'll be buying non-pariels, crystallized ginger and cutting flowers for my desk.

The Tuesday after Labor Day I will play Everything But the Girl and wear corduroys.  I will eat blackberries off the vine and shut the door...

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