Thursday, July 01, 2010

Moving the Furniture Around - 3 months until publication!

Today is exactly 3 months before my book is scheduled to come out.  In celebration of that, I've moved replaced the door and painted the walls.

I must be honest, I am what you refer to as "slow to warm up," an expression adults use on toddlers and kids who need a few minutes to settle into a new place or aren't exactly crazy about change.  These are the kids who like routine, who like to return to places that look the same and when something does change, they may not like it at first.

So I too am getting used to the new look.  I am moving away from the browns and tans of the past and into the green.  I am new here too.  I am stepping onto the path unsure of where it will lead.

But I'm glad to be here and even more happier that you're here too.  Thanks for listening.  Thanks for reading.  Thanks for being.

All best,
~ Kells

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