Saturday, June 19, 2010

Request: How often do you write in your shed vs. another place?

Marty & I in my writing shed

How often do you write in your shed vs. another place?

I actually do a lot of writing inside in a room that is my office/art studio area (I just took out the couch so I could bring my paint supplies in).

I consider this room my "administrative room" where I answer emails, blog, do bills, and submit work, but many times I write in here for 15 minutes or so, or in the morning before anyone is up.

My shed usually needs a little warming up, so I tend to do in there later in the day or after I've had my heater on for a bit.

I save my larger, more focused projects for my shed.  Anything where I do *not* want to be disturbed.

If I write in the office, I will be disturbed. I know that.

The shed gives me much more quiet time and privacy.  I usually will lose myself in there for a few hours.  It's hard for me to want to leave.  There is this certain calming scent when I walk into it that tells me it's time to write hard.

Again, I'm in my shed more in the fall, winter, spring as the summer there is a lot of everything else to do that takes me away from my writing.

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