Monday, June 14, 2010

From january's blog Writer's Meme

Consider yourself tagged if you're reading this.

1. What's the last thing you wrote?
An email. A blog post. A shopping list. A poem. In that order.

2. Is it any good?
My shopping list was awesome. The email was kind and the blog post was okay. The poem is too young to judge. Ask me in a month or two.

3. What's the first thing you ever wrote that you still have?
My mum saved a poem I wrote in grade school. I also have a book of poems I wrote in 5th grade that includes a limerick about a dog from NewYork.

4. Favorite genre of writing?
To write: Poetry, creative non-fiction
To read: Poetry, memoir/creative non-fiction & non-fiction

5. How often do you get writer's block?
I also don’t believe in writer’s block. I believe there are times I don't write as well as I would like, but at anytime I can put pen to paper or finger to keyboard and write. If I can speak, I can write.

6. How do you fix it?
I read poets who I love. I am always inspired by strong well-crafted work.

7. Do you save everything you write?
Most, but not all.

8. How do you feel about revision?
I love to revise and in fact have ruined some good poems by over-revising them. I think revision can help me take my poems to a deeper level when I do it well.

9. What's your favorite thing that you've written?
The poem, How Killer Blue Irises Spread. It came out of me mishearing an NPR report (it was killer FLU viruses) and I loved that my mistake turned into a poem. Plus that poem won the Atlantic Monthly student poetry prize when I was an MFA student and was published there, which makes me happy.

I've also written 30,000 words on my week retreat to Hedgebrook and I'd like that to become something larger, maybe a book? I'm working on that and so it's currently my favorite thing.

10. What's everyone else's favorite thing that you've written?
Vacationing with Sylvia Plath or Of a Forgetful Sea

11. What writing projects are you working on right now?
Proofing Letters from the Emily Dickinson Room, my manuscript about the inspiration of going on a writing retreat and my disastrous entry back into the real world (I haven't blogged in detail about this and this goes into the details), some new poems, an interview with another poet about her book, and 2 other projects with friends that are just in the fragile beginnings and not quite ready for the world yet.

12. What's one genre you have never written, and probably never will?
Romance. I'm just not romantic by nature and would probably have the woman leaving Fabio to return to school to get her degree.

13. Do you write for a living?
Or for a life? For a life I write, enjoy my family & friends and try to live simply.

For a living (I'm guessing this is polite speak for how I earn $$) -- I do editing and consulting with poets and writers as well as work one-on-one with poets and creative non-fiction writers to help them with their work (poems, essays, chapbooks, larger manuscripts). I also teach workshops and classes at writing conferences and festivals as well as sell the occasional book or two.

14. Quote something you've written, the first thing to pop into your mind.
"sometimes it's the little things that pull you under." from Vacationing with Sylvia Plath


Pray for poets as we are only a story of paper ... From Believing Anagrams
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