Friday, June 25, 2010

Crab Creek Review New Issue & Poetry Contest Update

Crab Creek Review

Somehow I think I neglected to announce-- The new issue of CRAB CREEK REVIEW is out and available!  You can order the individual issue here or sign up for a subscription (we love our subscribers-- thank you!)

If you don't know, Crab Creek Review is one of the remaining perfect-bound print journals and no, we are not planning on becoming an online journal.  We publish two issues a year and well, we think they are rather gorgeous.  

For this issue-- (Issue 1: 2010)

I did my first ever interview in this issue with David Guterson (author of Snow Falling on Cedars: A NovelOur Lady of the Forest, and other novels).  I have been told that this interview made someone cry (in a good way) and that based on what David chooses to reveal or not reveal is well, quite revealing!

It also has a poem by David Guterson, which is what sparked the idea for the interview.  Why is a novelist writing poems?

And here's the list of some highlights from the issue --  Featuring new work from David Guterson, David Wagoner, Rachel Contreni Flynn, Sharon Hashimoto, Alex Cigale, Erin Coughlin Hollowell, Kate Lebo, Diane Lockward, Peter Munro, Cati Porter, Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, Molly Tenenbaum, and Wendy Wisner.

Fiction Contest Winner Robert Kostuck, Poetry Winner Victor David Sandiego and translations of Russian poets Dmitri Avaliani and Andrei Sen-Senkov, and Danish poet Niels Hav.

Cover Art: Memphis Girl, by Rowland Salley.

Oh and here's a little insider info-- the cover artist, Roly Salley, is the guitarist for Chris Isaak.  How talented is that?  Musician & fine artist.

One day I'll have to let you in on how we ended up with him as our cover artist.

Anyway, it is available and has been available for sale or subscription!  If you're in the NW, you can pick yours up directly in Seattle at Open Books, Elliott Bay Books, Bulldog News or if on the other side of the water (locals know what I mean here)-- Eagle Harbor Books on Bainbridge Island or Front Street Art Gallery in Poulsbo.

By the way, they've been selling fast in Bainbridge because David Guterson is a resident there and we sold out of our first batch in a week!  So call ahead if you choose Eagle Harbor Books to make sure the current issue is in.

~ ~ ~

Other Info--

We have just chosen the 15 or so poems to give to Nancy Pagh (author of No Sweeter Fat) for the Crab Creek Review poetry contest.  We received a lot of fantastic work!  We will definitely be publishing the winner plus all the finalists in Issue 1: 2011!

But even if you weren't one of the finalists, stay positive because we found many other poems in the entries we'd like to also publish.  There are even some by brand-spankin' new poets, poets we've never heard of before and we were just so impressed!

We ran out of time to choose these poems, so we'll be meeting again soon and will be sending out acceptances soon.



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