Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Confession Tuesday -late night edition

It's confession time, that Tuesday where we share what's on our minds...

Here's what I'm thinking about this Tuesday evening. To the confessional--

I confess I'm feeling much better after that bump to the head. Emotionally, I lost it for a few days. I'm not one who likes to lose it. I hate crying in front of people as much I know holding it in is not good for your internal organs. Still, I've never liked to cry in front of anyone.

When I look back at why I was so emotional, I think I scared myself a bit. I had one of those "what if" moments about 3 hours later.

I confess that after the fall when I felt as if I was getting worse, I asked my friend to google Natasha Richardson. I wanted to see how long it was from when she hit her head until she was rushed to the hospital.

I confess I never really worried about bumps to the head until the Natasha Richardson story. And I confess a lot of other people told me they felt the same way after she died.

But the emotional aspect of the fall, that's what surprised me. But it's been 5 days and while my arm is still roughed up, I'm good. Very good.


I keep referring to the movie "Iron Man 2" as "Tron."


I have romanticized living in Seattle in a loft. I don't live in downtown, but occasionally think it would be a good time-- What I forgot was the part about worrying about your purse.

Things that people said to me last night--

From a man wearing "mom-jeans": Can I show you my pleasure? So how is your pleasure? (this comment made me feel yucky about the word pleasure. Thanks, mom-jeans man.)

From a homeless guy- Here comes a big beautiful woman. (note: when you compliment someone, try not to use the adjective "big")
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