Saturday, April 03, 2010

Poet Portraits & Saturday Thoughts

Sylvia Plath

Poet Portraits--
One of my favorite things to do is look at photos of poets who are only with us in words.

These portraits offer brief glimpses into lives I wasn't around to see.  I especially love coming across a photo of a poet I have never seen before.  Like the one above, Miss Sylvia Plath.  Hair up and out on the water.

She was one of my favorites whose stay here on earth was just not long enough.

I hope to post a few more of my favorite poets throughout April.  Maybe they'll inspire a poem.  Maybe a passion.


It's April 3rd, do you know where your poems are?

I do and I've written 3 new "poems."  I have poems in quotes because they are not very good, but they are beginnings.  How is everyone else doing?

Movin' on Up--

Just received an email that Book of Kells jumped to my favorite number in Literary Blogs.  (Honestly, I'm not sure what this mean, but I'm a huge fan of the number 8).  Also on the Top 20- January Gill O'Neil (aka PoetMom), Best American Poets and Delirious Hem.

Here's the list.

2Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent
3Rachelle Gardner, Literary Agent
4Janet Reid, Literary Agent
5Maud Newton
6One Single Impression
7TLC Book Tours
8Book of Kells
9Leiter Reports: A Philosophy Blog
10A Newbie's Guide to Publishing
11The Best American Poetry
12delirious hem
13Editorial Ass
14The Miss Rumphius Effect
15You Don't Say
16Editorial Anonymous
17Wild Rose Reader
19Conversational Reading
20Poet Mom
By Wikio


  1. Lucky #8.Congrats to you and have a wondeful day!!Warmest Regards,Cat

  2. congrats on being #8! I don't think my blog has ever made it onto any list :) hehe

    I've made it through three poem revisions (since I'm revising instead of writing new) with one poem turning into a flash fiction piece and the other two might be keepers...might


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