Saturday, April 10, 2010

I'm With Coco & Another Giveaway!

After going 40 days without eating chocolate for Lent, this tweet (now made into a billboard) by Conan O'Brien made me laugh...

 I'm a huge Conan fan, so I'm always happy to see his giant face somewhere.


Sleeping with Houdini (American Poets Continuum)Sleeping with Houdini (American Poets Continuum)

I've decided my giveaway for 100+ followers now, I will give away a packet of Peeps & Sleeping with Houdini, Poems by Nin Andrews (she's one of my favorite poets).

Since this doesn't have anything to do with the other Poetry Month Giveaway, I'll do the drawing on April 16th, 2010.  A post-tax day drawing.  If you didn't get a refund this year (um, ours was $13...nice), maybe you'll get some candy and a book of poems.

If you want to be entered in the drawing, please leave me a comment below and your favorite kind of Easter candy and I'll add your name.

Happy Saturday!

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