Friday, April 23, 2010

Broadsided! April 23-25th, 2010

This sounds like fun!  

If you've never heard of Broadsided, they take your poem and make into a gorgeous broadside that people can print out and post around the community (in random acts of poetry).  

To take part in this event, go to the their website, find a broadside you want to share with the world, post it, document it with a photo and send it in...

I'll be documenting my entry today--


April 23 - 25:
The Broadsided Post-a-Thon. Win Prizes!

If we put our minds, printers, and tape together, we can make a splash!
We hereby declare the weekend of April 23-25 Broadsided Post-a-Thon. We want to see you all out in the real and virtual worlds posting Broadsided.
Tweet to your peeps on Twitter. Share a link to Broadsided on your Facebook wall.
And, of course, print and post Broadsided in your neighborhood! Bring along a digital camera, and take a picture, then send it to us at with "Post-A-Thon" in the subject header and a brief description of your shot.
Caught Looking: Snap a shot of someone staring at a Broadsided you've posted.
Best Location: A unique spot for posting Broadsided.
Arty: Moody, framed, unique in some way... this photo speaks.
Editors' Choice: Because we don't know what you'll surprise us with!
The top Vectorized photos will be given a Broadsided print, signed by the artist and/or author.
Deadline for photos: April 27. Winners announced May 1.

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  1. Kelli,
    I LOVE this idea. It is a brilliant marrying of old and new technologies. My Broadside was done in August 2008 of "Ghazal for the Woman from Vitez, Bosnia" and I'm planning a project this weekend.


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