Saturday, March 06, 2010

Saturday Thoughts

The Two I's--

At the final health class about development, the doctor said, "What everyone wants is to feel important and included..."

She was talking about 10-12 year old girls, but I think this is pretty much everyone, even adults.

I've started asking my daughter when she comes home, what did you do today to make someone feel important and included? I've started asking myself the same thing.


This was on Sam Hamill's Facebook status today--

"A poem is not an expression, nor is it an object. Yet it somewhat partakes of both. What a poem is / Is never to be known, for which I have learned to be grateful. But the aspect in which I see my own / Is as the act of love. The poem is a gift, a bestowal..." Hayden Carruth

and this

Comment: If gratitude and generosity inform the true practice of the poet, how can that work not rise up against the poisonous excrements of corporate capitalism? The poem is a revolutionary act.


I love that Sam Hamill is on Facebook.


In the 30 seconds it took for me to let in my golden retriever, I lost my slipper.


Last night I might Lazy Granola, it is very easy and SO good. I've linked up the recipe. I used honey and brown sugar, but you could use agave if that's more your style.

I love knowing exactly what is in my granola and how much.


Last night I dreamed that Albert Goldbarth bought me a popsicle. (This is my FB status currently.)


I have a poem in the current issue of Redactions called "How to Sketch." It's an ekphrastic poem after this drawing by Stanislaus Gorski. Here's the opening line:

"Instead of her dressing falling away,/draw hollyhocks, pale..."

They sent me two contributor copies, so if you have never seen this literary journal and would like to, be the first person to leave me a note in my comments and I'll send it out to you.


Do you feel important and included?


Scott Poole has two poems in Redactions and I always enjoy his poems. Here's a line from one of them, "And the best part is always/the wait..."



  1. Kelli,
    WOuld love to see it! A popscicle!

  2. Congrats on the pomes in Redactions (and being one of "two-poemers" from Robert Lee Brewer's challenge last year!

    Wanted to let you know that I used your idea to make a trailer for my chapbook coming out in June - will probably be up on Facebook soon. Peace.

  3. to be noticed and included too true!

    and poor slipper... :)


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