Monday, February 22, 2010

Poetry in muffin?

I saw this billboard in Seattle yesterday for McDonald's.

(Note, this is not my photo, I used ms. tina k's flickr photo because it was one of those turning billboards- 3 adds per billboard- and my family was walking on unimpressed and I didn't want lose them)

It reminded me of a t-shirt they sold at the UW when I was undergrad there: English, it's more than a muffin, it's a major!

Of course, we were treated like muffins (our special graduation meal was a pancake breakfast in the HUB, while my pre-med friend rented a tux and was taken --with the rest of his dept.--to the Columbia Tower Club, one of the most exclusive private business & social club in Seattle).

I told him then that the university was making sure we'd know our place in society after we graduated-- he'd be dining at country clubs and I'd be spending my mornings at IHop.

But back to the billboard--while I love to see the word "Poetry" around town, I was kind of annoyed to see McDonald's using it.


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