Monday, February 22, 2010

Poetry in muffin?

I saw this billboard in Seattle yesterday for McDonald's.

(Note, this is not my photo, I used ms. tina k's flickr photo because it was one of those turning billboards- 3 adds per billboard- and my family was walking on unimpressed and I didn't want lose them)

It reminded me of a t-shirt they sold at the UW when I was undergrad there: English, it's more than a muffin, it's a major!

Of course, we were treated like muffins (our special graduation meal was a pancake breakfast in the HUB, while my pre-med friend rented a tux and was taken --with the rest of his dept.--to the Columbia Tower Club, one of the most exclusive private business & social club in Seattle).

I told him then that the university was making sure we'd know our place in society after we graduated-- he'd be dining at country clubs and I'd be spending my mornings at IHop.

But back to the billboard--while I love to see the word "Poetry" around town, I was kind of annoyed to see McDonald's using it.



  1. Whittier College in California is named for the poet John Greenleaf Whittier, and their football team is named (not making this up) the Poets.

    Three or four years ago, poet Anne Haines wrote in her blog Land Mammal about coming across T-shirts, sold at the Whittier College store, printed with the slogan "Fear the Poet." After Anne wrote about it in her blog, it apparently set off a minor flurry of people ordering the T-shirts from the college.

    Kind of amusing (and a little bizarre) to think that Richard Nixon was once a Whittier Poet.

  2. Lyle,

    I did not know Nixon was a Whittier Poet (we share the same bday).

    And my husband has one of those Fear the Poet shirts. Whenever he wears it, people love to ask him about it. He loves to say his wife is a poet.

    And we did get the link from Anne many years ago!

    thx for the note!

  3. at least the add was for a mcmuffin and not say a big mac :) slightly healthier says this poet!


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