Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One World, One HeArt Treasure...

A couple weeks ago the One World, One Heart event was going on where bloggers offered giveaways of their artwork on their blog. It was really incredible as I was able to learn about a lot of visual artists and just crafty people out there, which inspired me.

I entered a lot of the drawings, but only for things I would *love* to own myself. While I wasn't able to make it all the blogs, I did make it to a lot and won a few things.

I know this is going to sound odd, but I tend to be lucky when it comes to drawings and contests. Of course, I was also the 1 out of 100,000 who got idiopathic optic neuritis, so perhaps, it's not always so great to be the chosen one... Though mostly it's good things I win and less the rare vision-loss disease.

So here's the first wonderful treasure I won in the OWOH event. It's by an artist named Tina Curtis and what I love about it (besides the birds, I am such a birdgirl, you know) is that on the back she wrote some great quotes for me:

Create something daily.
Find beauty in your art.
Live each day.
You are amazing.

I love the little detail of these quotes on the back because when I hang this up in my writing studio (aka Shed of Kells - hah! I finally named it!) I will know that on the back they are there.

Anyway, it's really an inspiring little piece. And because I part of a family of three (husband, daughter & me), it's even more meaningful.

Tina also has a blog where you posts things she is working on and ideas for crafts and small ways to make your world a more beautiful place.


  1. What a beautiful treasure, glad you love it.

  2. What a beautiful piece! Congrats to you on winning it. :) Theresa


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