Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where's the 7?

(Seven Day Spell from the Ink Witch)

It seems in my attempt to keep Susan Rich (our guest editor) from getting a lot of spam mail by making her @ a (a) I deleted the 7 in her email.

Thankfully, there are working poets out paying attention who notified me immediately!

It's been fixed in the Call for Submissions post but I just want to post it again...

The email is duende3417 (at) yahoo.com if you want to submit for the ekphrastic poetry theme.

Sorry about that.

One poet wrote that is was the fastest rejection he'd ever received. ;-) Well, there we are, yet another reason your work might have been rejected that has nothing to do with you--- incorrect email addy!

Thank you all who brought that to my attention, especially because I was just posting it on CRWOPPS and was able to fix that error before it was post there.

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