Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Birfday

This is not my cake (It's by Wild Cakes ), but it would be the cake I would choose this year.

I'm 41 this year. Which sounds old because I've never been 41. But I know it's not old (but just "older"), as I'm guessing when I'm 50, 41 will sound spring-chickenish, youthful, and all the adjectives that come to mind when you look back at a younger version of yourself and think, "I was so young then!"

I feel good today. The crankiness has gone. There is overflowing birthday wishes on my Facebook page (as much as I dislike FB sometimes, I love it for the birthday aspect alone).

Last night, a friend called me when I was at the library and surprised me with dinner of salmon and a dessert of coconut milk ice cream with some magical chocolate Bailey's topping. I felt as if I was on Oahu, even with the rain pouring down outside and being wrapped in the deluxe down Snuggie.

My birthday comes right after New Year's (as you can see) so I'm reminded again about my resolutions, what I want do with my year, how I want to move forward.

I want to be more aware of how I take my space in the world, where I am and who I am with. Be a little more mindful of what I'm doing. I am downsizing friendships, ridding myself of the relationships that don't bring me joy or aren't supportive.

In regards to writing, it is a year of closure and beginnings. My book is being published and will have a new life in October in a paper world. New poems are being written along with some other things I keep moving along.

I look at my friends who are also now in their 40's and well, we don't look 40. Or do we?

Something I promise-- never to someone who is afraid to say her age, but instead to say it with pride.

Today's schedule? Basketball game. Lunch. Dinner with friends and game night.

I am hoping there will be cake somewhere along the way.

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