Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gratitude Journal

The simple things in life: warmth, food, family, pets

Playing the violin at 6 am and realizing I am 100% better when I play at 6 am (because my head isn't getting in the way)

wasabi peas with lots of wasabi

the kids at my daughter's school and their sweetness

someone being excited to see you after a long time (and someone noticing you haven't been around)

recognition: not poetry or success, but someone saying "hello"

the most incredible red bell peppers I've ever eaten

my golden retriever bringing me his stuffed bunny when I got home today

coming home and seeing my husband sweeping the the hardwood floors



  1. Me likey the new header. Nice choice!

  2. Oh wait...same header but bigger or an entirely different one? Either way it looks good :)

  3. i am very grateful for the beautiful weather here today and for the nice people who handled returns i had to make at two different stores.

    and how often should you sweep and/or mop up hardwood or laminate flooring? i'm new to it!

  4. Adrienne,

    Yes, it is new! Thanks for noticing!

    Jessie, sweep when pet hair becomes small clouds passing below your feet... ;-)


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