Monday, January 25, 2010

Final Do-It-Yourself Writing Retreat day Photos

Annette working & look at all the poetry books on the table.
(What made me laugh about this photo is that I am holding the trail mix I said I was addicted to...) I hadn't realized I caught that.

The beach. If you don't know, I'm in the Northwest, so this is what our beaches look like. Gray sand. Hillsides that always have mudslides. Gray clouds, blue sky. Madronas. Evergreens.

Here's us walking up the hill to get back to work. I am large white Yeti and these are my small friends.

Also, that house on the hillside is getting ready to slide down the cliff. Well, its deck is, one deck post is right on the very edge of the cliff. If you live on a cliff, don't cut down your trees, they hold up your hillside.


  1. I love the one-day writing retreat concept! And, um, where do I get some of those blue skies? Send some over to the Green Lake neighborhood, please! ;-)

  2. This looks like it is so much fun! What a bonding experience. I hope you got some writing done though?!

  3. Love the picture of the beach and sky. Never been in the NW but I imagine I'd love it. I fell in love with the northern California shorelines.

    Anyway I really wanted to ask about the I-Ching cards and how you utalize them in writing exercise.

  4. makes me want to visit the Pac-NW even more :) Still high on my list of places to go.


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