Wednesday, January 20, 2010

2010 Poster- well, part of it

Every year I get together with 3 friends to make a yearly poster. It's kind of like a vision board with a little less thought about what we want in life and more towards where we are going.

I tend to use my poster to remind myself of my goals and what I'm focusing on. One big principle for me this year is "Live Your Life on Less." Less stuff. Spend less money. Need less.

There's also an image on there of three women who are exactly the same. This is a huge reminder for me that I have never been happy trying to live my life by what I'm supposed to do or what society expects of me. Next to it, is a painting of the back of a woman with a cat and violin who (if my hair was longer) might look like me. For me, this signifies the natural self and being comfortable in your own skin.

All of our posters were more optimistic this year and less dark.

I'm still observing mine and so I can't really know yet what it says to me. I do mine in a very organic way where I just choose images that appeal to me and place them in a way that feels right. So at this time, I'm not 100% what I'm expressing through it.

I'm open for any interpretation if you'd like to take a shot at it.

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