Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Cottage

Here was my home for a week. It was the only cottage with a full
picture window of the woods (the other cottages had 2 smaller
windows). It's name is Cedar.

I cannot believe how much I wrote here. This tells me that I make my
own limitations. This is also the background image on my phone to
remind me of what I am trying to create in the real world. When I
look at my cottage, my cabin in the woods I see a peacefulness I have
not achieved in the real world. This is what. I'm aiming for.


Michael said...

Ouch! The thing about setting our own limitations.

It sounds like maybe you had a transformative week. Not bad after coming off the recent news about your manuscript/book.

Any other insightful learnings? Please tells us about Carolyn Forché.

Adrienne said...

I think our shed's could use some Cedar-like tweaking ;)

Susan Rich said...

Dear Cedar,

How could it be we are exiled from the wooded garden. I feel quite alone without you and Willow, Fir and Oak.



Jessie Carty said...

that looks wonderful! i really want to try to apply for some kind of retreat or workshop next year :)

Kells said...

Hi Michael,

Yes, I realized how much I limit myself. I am my own biggest roadblock.

Adrienne, I so agree! ;-)

Waterfall, I miss our magic triangle.

Yes, Jessie, I highly suggest doing a retreat each year. They are really incredible experiences to have time to write (and write a lot!) and to grow as a writer.

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