Sunday, November 15, 2009

How To Make Soul Cards

Materials Needed -

Cardstock or Non-bendable paper/cardboard/mat board (cut these into 6"x4" cards)
Old Magazines

These are what a friend of mine nicknamed "Soul Cards" - the goal is to eventually have a large collection of them to browse through, use like Tarot cards if you wish, use for your writing, use as a daily meditation, or just display in your work area for inspiration.

To make them you just basically cut out images or words from magazines that interest, inspire, intrigue, amuse, or connect with you and glue them onto the cards however you like. You make a busy collage or something a little more simple.

There is no wrong way to do this. Some people make them as mini-vision boards with things they would like to achieve or create into their lives. Some just randomly put images down that inspire them and see what it leads to later.

The way my friends and I do it is that we sit down and browse through magazines choosing images that appeal to us. Sometimes we think of a theme, goal, or a challenge we want to work on in our life. Other times we just rip out a picture in a magazine because we think it's cool.

Once we have a stack of images and words, we go through and begin to chose them for our cards.

The image above consists of a painting I found in More magazine, an 8-ball (as 8 is my favorite number), the words "Skillfully inspired," the pattern from some sort of furniture (I just remember liking the colors and pattern), and the very tip of a gardenia in a bowl.

I put the 8-ball with the painting because I made a connection with numbers, but the rest of it I just put together because I liked the way it looked.

Once you have your images, you glue them to your 6" x 4" card. (You can also glue an image on the other side if you like).

I keep my images in a stack above my desk and chose an image to display until I get tired of it then I choose another. Currently, the above image is displayed.

Sometimes if I'm stuck on a poem, I pull out these cards and browse through them looking for interesting images to use.

Creating the cards, for me, offers the most benefit as it allows me sit down and think about my life and goals by way of images.

It's a great project to as a group and especially good for people who don't feel they are artistic because you don't have to draw anything, just cut out images and glue them on to cards. How easy is that?


  1. sounds like a great project. i used to have some beautiful tarot cards that i bought mainly for the where are they...

  2. Love it! As you know, I like doing collages. I have been doing them on objects recently--a notebook, an empty spaghetti sauce jar that I will now use as a pen holder (still need to post images of this project...), but I love the idea of the cards, and of keeping them as inspiration kick-starters.


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