Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Confession Tuesday!

Eek! It's Confession Tuesday evening and I haven't not confessed! Let's get things moving.

To the confessional--

I confess that lately I've been realizing how much I don't know.

For example--

1) I don't know why you'd bookmark a webpage. I understand making it favorite, but bookmarking it? Is it the same thing?

2) The Healthcare reform bill, I'm pretty lost on that.

3) Twitter language. It's freakin' confusing to me. @BigMuscles I love your brains #what do these marks mean, #peanutbuttercrunch.

And honestly, it annoys me when people Twitter-talk on their Facebook status because it just looks messy to me and I have no idea who they are talking to or what is going on.

4) TiVo - I have never seen one in person and have no ideas how it works except that you get to miss commercials and sometimes it chooses shows for you.

What I Do Know--

I confess I do know that if someone is driving slow and I get right up on his/her bumper, s/he will not give me a friendly wave and speed up, but drive even more slowly.

I confess I know I'm not a fantastic multi-tasker, but still get a lot/enough done.

I confess laundry kicks my arse.

I confess there are quite a few books I'm looking to read in December-- January O'Neil's new book Underlife, Kary Wayson's American Husband, and Kim Addonizio's Ordinary Genius (This has been out for a while but I have not read it).


I confess the other night out of boredom and a sense of curious wonder, I started reading/singing stanzas from T.S. Eliot's "A Love Song to J. Alfred Prufrock" into my iPhone's "I-Am-T-Pain" app. (I also have confess I have the I am T-Pain app as well and that I didn't know who T-Pain was until I learned about the app.)

And I confess I do this bizarre stuff with poetry when my family is not home.

I recorded it to T-Pain's "Bartender" instrumental. If I get the nerve, I'll post it here.

Basically it autotunes it, it's kind of hilarious. My favorite part being "With a bald spot in my hair..."

But do dare disturb the universe?

I confess I am a huge dork to do such a thing, and I know this.

I think that's all I have to confess. I'll do a gratitude journal for Thanksgiving day week.

I confess mostly I've been coughing and taking Ricola lately. And pretending to be T-Pain as well.
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