Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Confession Tuesday!

Eek! It's Confession Tuesday evening and I haven't not confessed! Let's get things moving.

To the confessional--

I confess that lately I've been realizing how much I don't know.

For example--

1) I don't know why you'd bookmark a webpage. I understand making it favorite, but bookmarking it? Is it the same thing?

2) The Healthcare reform bill, I'm pretty lost on that.

3) Twitter language. It's freakin' confusing to me. @BigMuscles I love your brains #what do these marks mean, #peanutbuttercrunch.

And honestly, it annoys me when people Twitter-talk on their Facebook status because it just looks messy to me and I have no idea who they are talking to or what is going on.

4) TiVo - I have never seen one in person and have no ideas how it works except that you get to miss commercials and sometimes it chooses shows for you.

What I Do Know--

I confess I do know that if someone is driving slow and I get right up on his/her bumper, s/he will not give me a friendly wave and speed up, but drive even more slowly.

I confess I know I'm not a fantastic multi-tasker, but still get a lot/enough done.

I confess laundry kicks my arse.

I confess there are quite a few books I'm looking to read in December-- January O'Neil's new book Underlife, Kary Wayson's American Husband, and Kim Addonizio's Ordinary Genius (This has been out for a while but I have not read it).


I confess the other night out of boredom and a sense of curious wonder, I started reading/singing stanzas from T.S. Eliot's "A Love Song to J. Alfred Prufrock" into my iPhone's "I-Am-T-Pain" app. (I also have confess I have the I am T-Pain app as well and that I didn't know who T-Pain was until I learned about the app.)

And I confess I do this bizarre stuff with poetry when my family is not home.

I recorded it to T-Pain's "Bartender" instrumental. If I get the nerve, I'll post it here.

Basically it autotunes it, it's kind of hilarious. My favorite part being "With a bald spot in my hair..."

But do dare disturb the universe?

I confess I am a huge dork to do such a thing, and I know this.

I think that's all I have to confess. I'll do a gratitude journal for Thanksgiving day week.

I confess mostly I've been coughing and taking Ricola lately. And pretending to be T-Pain as well.


  1. I confess I don't know who T-Pain is either. And I don't have an iPhone w/ an app that would force me to learn such things. So I won't. I hope you post it, though.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Yes, bookmark and favorite (when using the internet) are the same thing. I think one of the earlier web browsers called them Bookmarks, and the name stuck around.

    I've never used Twitter and find Twitterese mystifying. Fewer and fewer words, more and more abbreviations and symbols.

    I'm waiting for someone to invent the ultimate gadget for compacting language on the internet: Jot. Like Twitter, only you communicate using only punctuation marks. Maximum eight marks per message.

    Word verification is "purings". My point exactly.

  3. My Wife ALWAYS fast forwards through commercials on our DVR when we are watching TV. Honestly, I'm not fazed by commercials in general though I have some specific ones I find annoying. The money with eyes in the Gico Commercials, The ditzy lady in the Progressive Insurance ads.

    But I'm also able to watch TV in black and white and not particularly realize it, Cathy will realize the color is missing instantly and is annoyed.

  4. i have to admit i don't know how much TV i'd even watch if i didn't have a TIVO like device :)

    Have a great holiday!

  5. M-- I think I will post it after Thanksgiving, just for fun.

    Lyle- thank you on the bookmark/favorite clarification.
    Jot would be hilarious! &$*#()

    J & M - interesting on TiVo! I know many could not live without it!


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