Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Confession Tuesday

Dear Reader, it's been a week of fevers and not sexy fevers, like I'm hot-blooded (check it and see), or fever in the morning, fever all through the night, when you kiss me fever, but my God another fever day, and I hope this isn't serious fever, and let's all take a nap and keep our immune systems up so we don't catch this fever.

But now, we're feverless and better.

So let's begin. To the confessional--

1) I realize this week how cranky/judgmental I've been lately about a few people who just rub me the wrong way. I know when I feel this way it's time to look inward to see what's up with that... (Or maybe they just are annoying...) ;-)

2) Someone told me today that when you eat sugar, you're basically knocking out your immune system for about 30 minutes. WHAT? Is this the worst news ever? I had no idea about this. And I *heart* candy/chocolate. So today I mixed organic cocoa bean powder with agave nectar and dunked a banana in it. Does this count as sugar? It tasted like chocolate dipped banana. It would be easier just to continue eating chocolate and pretend I don't know about this fact.

3) Today is a writing day so I'm in my writing clothes-- corduroys, thermal long-sleeve t-shirt, big sweater cardigan, warm socks, slip off shoes. I'll be off to the shed after I finish typing this.

4) I want to learn how to make those cool little necklace pendants people are making that have a cool image in them (like above). I want to make myself an Emily Dickinson one, though I think these pendants might be beyond my jewelry making skill.

5) Yesterday I went to a friend's house and made "soul cards." It's where you use images from magazines to make Tarot-like cards to ponder on. Kind of like mini vision boards. I'll do a separate post about this soon with photos and some synchronicity that happened as I was looking through my old "soul cards."

6) I think soulcards is kind of a cheesy name, but I really like making them.

7) Sometimes I get the urge to write really inappropriate things on my Facebook status.

I will share one here, but the way, it is a little TMI (Too Much Information), which is why I didn't post it so be warned. (Though it *is* confession Tuesday...)

Anyway, the other day I was at a doctor's appointment and was sitting there waiting for her and was so tempted to write on my FB status, "Kelli is in a paper gown waiting for her OB-GYN listening to 'I'm Every Woman' on the clinic's speaker system." (All true, btw.) It kind of cracked me up to hear that.

But I'm afraid a status like that could end me up on www.lamebook.com, which I think is a hilarious website (though if you're easily offended, you might not see the humor in all the posts.) Again, be warned. It may not be work-friendly if your boss checks those kind of things.

8) While writing these confessions, I ate too many wasabi peas.

9) I think that is the last of my confessions. I wrote more than I thought, I though I didn't have anything to confess, but my imperfections sparkled through. Yah imperfections!

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