Sunday, September 20, 2009

Poetry Submissions - The Process: For the Love of Index Cards

My Submission Journal (above) - Beach Beauties

For the love of Index Cards

I haven't submitted since July and have very few submissions in the world right now.

I promised Jeannine I'd submit this week, so today is the day.

I thought I'd explain my cavegirl process, but as a paper-person, this works well for me.

I keep two boxes:
A "Submit These" box - these have the titles of all the poems that haven't been submitted

and a "Submitted" box - poems I've sent into the world.

I keep all the titles of my poems on index cards. When I submit them somewhere, I take it from the Submit These write the name of the journal below it and the date, then I file it alphabetically in Submitted.

When the poem is rejected or accepted, I pull the card and note it.

If it's rejected, it goes back into my Submit These box.
If it's accepted, it goes into the file marked Accepted (imagine that!)

To keep track of what journals have my poems, I have a notebook in which I write the journal's name, and all the poems I sent there along with the date.

That way, I can see both where a poem has been submitted (by looking at the index card which has all the journals listed below the title) and also, what journal has what poems.

I know I end up doing things 2x, but this is the system I keep returning to, even after my fancy Excel spreadsheet. This is what keeps me most organized.


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