Friday, September 18, 2009

My Life in a Pie

I've started a Creativity Coaching class taught by a local artist. She gave us a beautiful pad of paper and a black ink pen. Each day we are to draw a contour drawing and write a cinquain. Each Thursday we meet at her studio for two hours to make art.

Yesterday she had us map our lives in a pie chart based on these six things--


My social, intellectual, creativity, and physical were my largest.

My emotional and spiritual were slivers.

For some reason I seem to neglect the emotional and spiritual side of myself. With autumn approaching, I realize I can't do this or I will end up in the seeming never-ending funk when the Northwest skies become a wool blanket of grey that is over us for six months.

If you were to make your life into a pie, what slices would be the smallest? the largest? And would kind of pie would your life be?

* * *

This time of year my life is not a pie, but Apple Brown Betty.

I have yet to make it because the weather has been so incredibly beautiful, but once it cools down and the leaves begin to change, this will be my comfort food- with french vanilla ice cream and whipped cream. Somewhere on this blog is my recipes for it, from scratch and the easy version. Both are fantastic.
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