Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Confession Tuesday

I confess I love my mountain bike and mountain biking. It's my new hobby that has taken me out of the house and away from poetry and writing. While I have always been athletic and sporty, I have never pushed myself physically like I do with a mountain bike. This is new for me. I am usually the one who says, "Let's go get a snack." Or "Want to watch the sunset?" I feel stronger than I have in my life, physically stronger and when I make it down a steep hill without crashing or almost crashing, but at the last minute saving myself from the fall, I feel powerful.

I have always pushed myself intellectually, so I'm appreciating using these new muscles.

* * *

I said my August would not be busy, but that must have been someone else's calendar I was looking at.

* * *

I learned today I did not win the book prize I was a finalist for (National Poetry Series), but 5 wonderful (I'm assuming wonderful, I know one for sure is wonderful) poets did.

Here are the winners--

The winners of The National Poetry Series 2009 Open Competition are listed below:

Julie Carr of Denver, Colorado, Sarah - Of Fragments and Lines
Chosen by Eileen Myles, to be published by Coffee House Press

Colin Cheney of Brooklyn, New York, Here Be Monsters
Chosen by David Wojahn, to be published by University of Georgia Press

Carrie Fountain of Austin, Texas, Burn Lake
Chosen by Natasha Trethewey, to be published by Penguin Books

Erika Meitner of Blacksburg, Virginia, Ideal Cities
Chosen by Paul Guest, to be published by HarperCollins Publishers

Jena Osman of Phladelphia, Pennsylvania, The Network
Chosen by Prageeta Sharma, to be published by Fence Books

***Congratulations to Erika Meitner!!


But no worries for me, I learned a couple weeks ago, I'm a finalist for another prize... still hope, little poet.

* * *

I cleaned my poetry shed yesterday to prepare for fall when I disappear back into my writing life.

* * *

I confess, I'm ridiculous behind in the laundry. And I'm someone who doesn't push themselves when it comes to laundry. Especially laundry.

* * *

I'm considering naming my mountain bike "Velma" because she was the most dependable out of the Scooby Doo gang and the most useful. She was also my favorite cartoon character.

Or I'll call my bike, "Moby" after the great white whale.



  1. Yea for you and your new mountain bike! I think we need to see a picture of your new, great love. It is nice to find out that you can push yourself physically and still surprise yourself.

    Sorry about the NPS. I *think* I went to NYU with Julie Carr. Good luck as a finalist in the other book competition.

    I always thought Velma was underratted, too. No one really gave her credit for being the brains of the operation.

  2. "Moby Bike." I think that has possibilities. I was never into Scooby Doo very much, so not familiar with Velma. But Velma works too.

    Word verification is "bleam." You could name your mountain bike Bleam.

  3. Kelli,

    It sounds like we share a love of great feats of strength on the bike--we'll have to go for a ride the next time I'm out your way!

    Will you come over and do my laundry when you're done doing yours?

    Indeed still hope, little poet.



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