Monday, June 01, 2009

This Artist Statement is Making Me Thirsty...

I have spent all morning working on my artist statement and no, it's not done, but it gets longer and closer. When I finally have it finished, I promise to post what worked and what didn't work for me in case any of you ever have to do this task in your lifetime.

I found a blog though today that helped me change my opinion of the artist statement. She wrote:

Another secret is that the artist statement is not just for art patrons and gallery owners. It is also for the artist. Writing an artist statement gives you another way to reflect on your work. When you dare to climb this small, professional Mr. Everest, a surprising view of your own work waits for you at the top.

I've linked it because this has been one of the more useful blog posts on artist statements I've read with the basic understanding that-- artist statement is what, how, and why you do what you do, from your perspective.

So I keep working on it. My personal deadline is several days earlier than the real deadline. I'll get this done, slowly, but it will be finished soon.


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