Friday, June 12, 2009

New Name...

So, if you want to find me on Facebook, my new name is: kellia

while I wanted just "kelli" my fingers were not fast enough, my nickname "kells" was gone too, so I went with next best - kellia - which is both my first name plus my last initial as well we a nickname (Kellian is also a nickname, but I didn't want to use that as it looks like kelli-ian).

I almost used "sestina" and I considered "poetry" - I was going to use my full name but gawd, do I have a long name and I thought, if the goal of this new feature is to make it easy to give your nickname away, so kellia. And honestly, I have a pretty distinctive name, so I'm not too hard to find.

By the way, we were watching Ghostbusters at the time, and my husband and I came really close to getting "gatekeeper" and "keymaster." Though we would have had to coordinate that really well because I would have been annoyed if I got "keymaster" and he got "agodon."

Oh and there's a part of me that thinks eventually Facebook will allow people to change these names they chose.

Anyway, I know none of this really important in the big world picture, but it was kind of fun being in the first group of losers, I mean, Facebookers to get a name. ;-)





  1. I still don't understand this whole we HAVE to change? Or take a nickname? I still haven't officially taken my husband's name, and it's been 10 years. I'm pretty lax about these things...

  2. You don't have to change. It's just a vanity plate for the internet world. Right now, your ID is a long number, but you could be jillypoet or jilly (if it's still available)or jillw or or or..

    I've seen some funny ones already. Someone grabbed & someone else grabbed hotdog.

    I like my first name and initial, but I had *really* wanted to be just "kelli" but on well, not in this lifetime.

    FB says once you choose you won't be able to change. But I guess in the big picture, anything is better than a long strange #


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