Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday night Thoughts...

First, I've learned there are two Steven Schroeders that are poets and the poem on Poetry Daily today is not by the blogger poet I know. I think that's pretty interesting and something I've never considered for myself since there are only about 5 Agodons in America (and I'm related to most of them by marriage). I did one map of my last name in the US and it came up with the address of our first house. I guess I'm easy to find. - I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing, though I lean towards bad.


I recently have learned that a number of my poet friends are letting their Poets & Writer subscription lapse because they find it painful to see what other awards other poet/writers are receiving. I was really surprised to hear this.

Do other people feel this way when they receive their Poets & Writers magazine?

I have heard that it's the first place some writers go to when receiving their magazine. I've had professors tell me it's the first place they go. I tend only to look at thoroughly when I'm submitting, otherwise I just browse the black and white photos.

But to feel bad to see others winning prizes. I understand this to a point, but again, it surprised that subscriptions would be cancelled because of this. But if it's helping you write by not knowing what others have won, then go for it. I guess knowing who won the last book prize doesn't affect my writing or much of anything actually.


I believe in living a simple life that is full of what you are passionate about. I just thought I'd say that.


I received a very nice rejection from Agni today. One of the better rejections (and magazines) out there. Their deadline to submit poems is the 30th if you're interested.

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