Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Confession Tuesday

What a weekend! There's a rumor going on that we, the rainy, foggy NW had better weather than Southern California this weekend. Amazing. And what an amazing 3-day weekend (actually 4 day for our kids as they had a teacher's work day on Friday). Sun sun sun. BBQ. Beach beach beach.

I neglected ever chore I thought I'd do, though I did accidentally hang up on Jeannine while trying to prune lilac bushes and talk to her at the same time. I ended up in the lounge chair with the phone and then a book...

This week's confessions--

Even with the "economic crisis" (the most overused word of the year), I still feel very rich on a sunny day sitting outside reading a book.

Also, this weekend is a reminder to me that the cheapest, most simple things--packing a lunch and going to the beach, game night with friends, tuna salad--can be the most satisfying.

I like to lie, sleep, sit in the sun, even knowing how bad it is for me, when the first sunshine day of the season arrives, I break every rule about sun protection and become the 1980's version of myself minus the baby oil. I think I got my Vitamin D for the whole year this weekend. By summer though, I'll be done with this and return to my good sunscreen living. By August I'll be looking forward to fall.

I think I've forgiven Amazon.com

I was just introduced to Carvel Ice Cream Cakes-- why has this secret been kept from me for so long?

I've been trying to write poetry, but the sun has been distracting me.

I am still working on my artist statement and am thinking perhaps to word it in a limerick style. Please know I'm kidding.

I think people are too tough on the Dickman twins. They are good poets, the twin thing is just something that makes them more interesting. I would have purchased Matthew's book twin or no twin, publicity or no publicity. I haven't read much of Michael's work, so I can't comment too much on that, but I am a friend of Copper Canyon Press and tend to find much to like in a majority of their poets.

I confess I'm still looking for a fantastic new poet to fall in love with also some good summer reading. And I'm open for suggestions. P.S. I like memoirs and non-fiction a lot, but would also love a fantastic novel to read too.

I confess I've been slow to get going this last week, especially with things I should be doing. And I don't like that word "should," but it's true, we all have chores and tasks we know *should* get done, but we (I) choose not to do them. (BTW, I promise not to fail on the artist statement.) I wonder what a shouldless life would feel like?

I confess, I am thankful to have this blog and a few readers to confess to. Sometimes it's just nice to know there are others out there. Thanks for listening.

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