Thursday, April 02, 2009's it going?

I find that doing a poem a day shows me that I can write more than I do.

I think it's so interesting putting a little pressure on the muse, many times s/he comes through. So what does that say about me when it's not April? It says I can try a little harder, push a little more and write a little longer.

To me, writing a poem a day is like being a magician that constantly pulls a rabbit out of a hat. Sometimes that rabbit might be a rock or a fingernail though, or a wet sponge, but something is coming out of that hat. You may get a diamond ring or you may get an empty can, but that's kind of the beauty of this exercise, the surprise of what you find in that hat each day.

If you chose not to do a poem a day, how come?
If you chose to do a poem a day, how come?

It's kind of embarrassing posting poems after such little revision. But there is something satisfying to it as well. You can see a poem from stage one.

And I like the energy of these newer poems. I have sucked the energy out of a poem by over-revising it. I have done this many times. It's nice for me to see these new poems with all their flaws and frumpled clothing and love them for who they are. Not the perfect, but the just born. For me, the perfectionist, it reminds me that sometimes I take a poem too far, revise more than I should.

But how to find that point? I wish I had the answer. I think if I hear my poem crying like painful e-string of a violin, I've gone too far. But sometimes poems don't scream, but whimper. I need to listen for them a little more, it's less about what I want and more about what they need.'s it going?
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