Saturday, April 25, 2009

Poem 25

Only 5 more days left to go! For today's prompt I want you to pick an event and make that event the title of your poem

Neighborhood Night at the Observatory

An Old Ghost Moon and a Grand
Canyon galaxy where a comet cannot cross
the blackhole, but must travel by donkey
down a solar system of pathways
circling around the earth. Our night
and a Russian Olive moon,
the Eiffel Tower constellation
where occasionally we are asked
to step off the grass, so we stay on the path
until no one is watching again.
There are people who know
the names of minor planets,
we call them Streisand, Isaak, Mary
Shelley. Our universe. My star
could be a planet, it’s two thumbprints
to the right of moon tonight, almost
bright enough to be a Charo, a hoochie-
coochie sun in a screen of Cooper
Andersons. Sometimes I want to rename
the family around me, let them be Lyrics
and Teagues, but the asteroids still appear,
the Vladimir Propps, the Baba Yaga,
the Dick Dastardlies that fly randomly
above us, the Kindergarten Moon
being hit with rocks, Liza Minnelli’s
creepy husband, our minor planet
completely destroyed by debris.

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