Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Confession Tuesday- St. Patrick's Day edition

I'm off to lunch, to keylime pie soon, so let's begin!

1) I am mostly French, but also part Irish & English on my dad's side (family from Dublin, Ireland). On St. Patrick's day though, I skip out on my French side. (Though honestly, I think I look much more Irish than French-- I did not get my mum's pretty skin and have always felt much more Irish than French.)

2) I like holidays that involved colors and parties (Cinco de Mayo, St. Patty's day, Halloween, and 4th of July).

3) Because I looked up the book of badpoet from yesterday, it keeps showing up on my Amazon page and this makes me cranky. I call it karma.

4) Thank you for listening to my rant yesterday about anonymous badpoet. It cleared my head.

5) I am retitled my manuscript again and am looking for words that are a metaphor for either God, anxiety, or chaos. If you have any to share, please post them in my note section. If I use your word, I will send you something.

6) When I typed that last confession I thought of Jeannine and my friends who have been through this with me numerous times (and with numerous books) and I both both thank you and apologize to you again and again.

7) I have a third manuscript I haven't sent out yet, but it has a title, that I won't change. Promise.

8) I confess I love the Irish...

Cheers to you all (Irish and not) on this St. Patty's day!
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