Friday, January 02, 2009

Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?

Great documentary I just watched about Teri Horton, a trucker-grandmother who is also a dumpster-diver and thrift-store connoisseur who buys what she describes as this "ugly painting" for $5 to cheer up a friend. Both women find the painting hideous (and almost throw darts at it), but Teri puts in it in her garage sale and an art teacher happens to see it and let's her know she may have a Jackson Pollack painting on her hands. And so begins her journey to prove that this is a real Pollack painting.

All I can say is that the art experts come off as art snobs who deal mostly with their instinct and feeling rather than facts. Teri hires a forensic specialists who finds a fingerprint on the back of Teri's painting then goes to Jackson Pollack's studio searching for a match...

I won't tell you anything more, but you may end up rolling your eyes at the "educated" art world in this movie and find yourself cheering for the little guy, or little gal in this case as there is something annoying about know-it-alls no matter what field they are in with heads so large they can't have an open mind because their satellite-sized heads are filling up the room.

Anyway, a very enjoyable 80 minute movie (and just my size too!) I would recommend to watch in the new year. (I'll thank Netflix for putting this on one of my recommended movies list...)

This was another resolution of mine I forgot to more movies.


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