Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming soon...

If you're checking back for the giveaway, I'll be posting about that this weekend. Promise.


If you haven't heard, Mark Doty won the National Book Award. I was kind of hoping for Patricia Smith to win (author of Blood Dazzler), but Mark was a very close second. So my congratulations to them both. And to all the nominations. I love to see poets recognized for their good work.


I just received my copy of Sojourn and I have a poem in it called "Sleeping with the Magician." Though I haven't well, slept with a magician. But a girl can dream and I guess a few of us do because Nin Andrews has a fantastic book called Sleeping with Houdini and I've read a few other female poets (Marjorie Manwaring for one) who have magician poems.

(Writing exercise: If you haven't written a poem about a magician, do so now. And extra points--if you're a man, write about a female magician and you are the male magician's assistant.)

Anyway, Sojourn is accepting poems until Dec 31 and I recommend them. It's a great looking journal (with full color art images inside) as well as fine work from other poets and writers. So give it a shot.

I'm off to pull a rabbit out of a hat.
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