Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My Day in Moments

Things I did today

wrote a poem
lost my wallet
met a stranger who found my wallet
pet a baby Clydesdale
ate lemon sorbet
ate lunch outside
spilled apple juice
lost my palmpilot
found my palmpilot
read poems for Crab Creek Review


Things I didn't do today

write my morning pages
say no to dessert
visit a blog that's been bothering me
where the right clothes (it got hot today!)


Things I will do later today

go to the library
pick up delicious pastries for a friend
go for a walk
mail five postcards
pick lettuce and argula from my garden


  1. Oh the baby clydesdale! I can almost feel how soft!

    And good for you not going to the bothering blog. The only way I have been able to achieve that is by removing it from my reader and erasing my surfing history. Then I am too lazy to type it in!

  2. They are amazingly soft! I had no idea!


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