Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Yorker on Blurbs

I saw this on January's blog and had to share it --

Here's a snippet from the NEW YORKER article (which mentions Paul Guest as well), but I love the line about the Playboy Mansion--

" The cover of the promotional copy of “My Index of Slightly Horrifying Knowledge,” Paul Guest’s second collection of poems, asks “What do John Ashbery, Louise Gl├╝ck, Jorie Graham, Robert Hass, Mary Karr, Campbell McGrath, and Mark Strand have in common?” The answer, inside: “They all admire Paul Guest’s new book of poems.” As far as seduction rituals go, this blurb is the poetry equivalent of inviting you to a sleepover at the Playboy mansion.

Of course, as with pick-up lines, there’s bound to be some post-encounter regret—for parties on both sides. My publicist friend mentioned an editor she knows who longs to sum up her past with a T-shirt that reads, 'I feel bad about my blurbs.'"

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