Friday, May 30, 2008

Suggested blog question: What are your favorite splurges?

What are your favorite splurges?

Ah, yes. How do we spend this money we're not making. ;-)

For me, I love to spend money on nice or fun dinners with friends. This is a newer splurge for me and probably came about over the last 8 years. For a long time I felt dinners out were a waste of cash as I could easily get by on what was at home (even it was a can of soup and some bread.) I'm pretty easily satisfied with home meals and eat rather plain foods anyway-- rice, cereal, chicken, fruit & veggies, chocolate. I don't like a lot of sauces or rich meals.

However, what I realize is I love the experience of dining with friends somewhere new. I now tend to order the higher priced items like wild salmon or halibut. I always order dessert. And I've learned, I like to spend my money on *experiences*

We had a great dinner that included a bellydance show at one such dinner out and one time out after two hours of talking and eating, I ended up with a poem called "The Day They Drank Sangria."

Other than that, I like to splurge on

Experiences, especially anything fantastic such as a great play/concert, or handfeeding a giraffe, which I did last week. I also splurge on anything I haven't done before, the handfeeding of a giraffe fell into that category.

Lately I've been splurging on gas and food, though not by choice. $4.13 a gallon for gas, which I paid yesterday. And organic milk stumbles in at $8 a gallon, which makes hormone-injected cows seems like something I can overlook or maybe I should just my own cow or just wander into one of my neighbor's farm with my bowl of cereal.

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