Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Before I Close Up Shop for Summer--

Dear Lone Reader,

As we arrive at mid-May, I realize as June approaches I shall be leaving the electronic world for a world of sunshine (I hope), but summer. So, I'll be posting here a little longer, then may randomly pop in during summer, but most likely, will find my way back here in the fall.

If there is anything you'd like me to blog about before I go, let me know. I've been a little low on topics this year (besides notes from others) and I think it's because my life has been very full (in good ways), so while I used to sit down and blog first, a sort of warm-up for my day, I find myself going straight to the writing. Which is good for me, but may offer boring blog posts (or missing blogs) to you.

So if there's anything on your mind you want me to blog about drop me a line or a note and in these next couple weeks, I'll blog about them (and you can be anonymous if you like, or I'd be happy to post your name as the one who suggested the topic, either way.)

Let me know what's on your mind...

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