Friday, June 29, 2007

Small Town Life

Just Say No to Noxious Weeds
I'm participating in the "Take Back the Yard" event in our rural neighborhood.  No longer will the blackberry vines, the volunteer butterfly bushes, the morning glory, the buttercups, the volunteer alder trees and holly trees make me stay inside afraid of what they are doing to the garden.  I am not afraid.  I will press on.
Yogi, is that you?
Yesterday, a bear was spotted in my neighborhood crossing the street.  S/he was about a block and a half away from my house... dragging a picnic basket.
Scenes from a Walk--
Yesterday on my walk, I noticed something glimmering on a sign that said "Yard Sale."  When I approached the sign, I saw silver dogtags that said, "Lieutenant."  I thought about the war for a few moments, then continued on.

Reading List:
Read a few William Stafford poems yesterday as well as Honeymoon with my Brother, which I'm thoroughly enjoying.  I get lost in books about travel or unique places.  I also loved Under the Tuscan Sun though a friend told me reading that book was like watching paint dray.  But I love memoir and biographies.  I eat them up.  Other favorites-- Planet of the Blind by Stephen Kuusisto.  I'm looking forward to his new book The Art of Listening.

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