Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Running of the Poems - Or Why Seattle is a Great Place for Poets & Poetry

This event was started by The Poetess of Greenlake who printed forty poems on forty shirts and gave them to runners who were circling the lake.

She wrote in a recent email:

"The Running Poets of Green Lake" (on Sunday 10 June) was a stellar success! Thank you to every poet, runner, spectator, friend and helper who contributed to the energy of the day. The weather was perfect, full sun with a cool breeze. Just before 9am, we set out 3 lovely signs made by local sign-maker Russ McDaniel and off they veered. There was no shortage of runners! Large, large, medium, large... Within 40 minutes the shirts had all been given away. I even gave away the shirt I was keeping for myself with Robert Dickhoff's poem on it. It had a hole in the seam so I figured I'd keep it, but how could I say no to that spirited, gray-haired grandmother raring to go? She didn't care about the hole. She wanted a poem!

Here are some photos she included from the day. They want to make it an annual event! Too cool!

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