Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day...

What have I learned as a mother?

I've learned that if there's a nice vase, it will be broken usually by a large pink ball and that the future comes at you in full gallop whether you have planned for it or not. If there are shoes, they will be scattered by the door. If there are small toys they will be sucked up by the vacuum or swept away. I've learned there's no such thing as the perfect anything, that perfection comes with flaws and rough edges. I realize how much my own mum has sacrificed and given me and I now understand where her worry comes from. I've also learned that I must also keep my own life as it's important for my daughter to see that it's okay for her explore passions even when life is full. I realize that when I am older I will look back at this time as the happiest time of my life and that that while trying to help this little person grow into a kind, compassionate person, my biggest challenge will be to stay out of the way and let her find and experience her own authentic life.

So, to all the mother and mother poets out there, Happy Mother’s Day.


  1. Hey! Didnt' know you were a mom...Happy Belated Mother's Day.

  2. happy day to you!

    I spent it at two poetry readings (after my church job) then went home and made supper for us all-

    but it's good

    I wanted to submit a few places before the postal rate change, but guess what? I didn't.

    I got caught up revising also.


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