Monday, April 30, 2007

Writer Mama

Here's a great blog by Writer Mama Christina Katz.
I purchased her Writer Mama book and I've completely dog-eared it.  It's not really meant for poets, but offers a lot of great advice for freelance writers (or as she calls them "freelance journalists"-- sounds more professional).  It's full of great advice and a bit of inspiration.  She did a fantastic job organizing it and putting it all together.  If you are a mom/writer who is interesting in looking into more freelance work or other projects other than poetry, this may be the book you need to read...
Above, I've linked to a post about rejection from her blog, which begins--

"Let's assume you get past your fear of rejection to the point where you are sending out enough writing to garner plenty of rejection.

This is great!

Why would I say that?

Because once your writing is rubbing up against the folks who may wish to buy rights to your work, you actually have a chance of being published."

Read the rest here.




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